Sven Neumann wrote:
Fine with me. But I was assuming that the scripts are identical anyway.
If you prefer to use the ones in Tiny-Fu, you will have to make sure
that you incorporate the recent changes, in particular the blurb review.

I tried using the Script-Fu scripts and immediately ran in to a minor problem.
SIOD uses 'the-environment' where TinyScheme uses 'current-environment'. I
have reviewed the strings changes applied to Script-Fu and commited the
changes to the Tiny-Fu scripts.

I would like to review the patch before it gets committed. But in
general I vote for doing the change. If anyone else has strong
objections for doing this switch now, please speak up.

My source tree of CVS GIMP now contains a Tiny-Fu'd version of Script-Fu. The
changes are available as patch files ready to be reviewed. I am now waiting on
a final ok before the changes will be commited to CVS.

Sven suggested I provide the URL to where I have placed information and patches regarding updating Script-Fu as some other people may wish to review the changes.

The URL is

At that location you will find a README file and three patches. The README file contains some basic information about the patch files and how they are to be used. As stated in the README, you will also need three directories and a few other files from Tiny-Fu. The total size of the patch files is about 928k.

Do NOT use bugzilla to report issues related to these Script-Fu patches as these changes are not yet part of the official GIMP sources. If you think you have found a bug, e-mail me directly or send the information to the mailing list.

On the other hand, if you can verify that the problem exists in Tiny-Fu, then you may file a bug report against the gimp-tiny-fu in bugzilla.


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