Raphaël Quinet wrote:
Anybody who tries to apply these patches would be well advised to pay close
attention to the README file first.

I had updated the README file and the scripts.patch file last night but had not uploaded the new versions to the web site. The new files have now been uploaded.

- Some scripts such as waves-anim.scm or spinning-globe.scm do not
  initialize some variables that should be initialized to 0.

Several scripts have been fixed where the initialization had gotten lost. I'm still reviewing the patch file and will fix any other cases where initialization has gone missing.

declarations like this:
  (let ((var1 (expr1))
        (var2 (expr2)
were rewritten in the following way:
  (let ((var1)
   (set! var1 (expr1))
   (set! var2 (expr2))
I prefer the old style, especially when the expressions are relatively

I also prefer the old style. Examples of the above will be fixed as they are found. The patch file for the scripts will be updated once the initial review of the changes is complete.



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