Hello to all,

As you might already know, LGM 2007 will be held in Montreal, Canada, May 4-5-6 2007.

As I am getting the sponsors in for this event, I need to know (or at least have a fair idea) of how many people from the GIMP's devel team will be travelling to Montreal and in the need of sponsorship for travel expenses (flights, buses, cars?). This will help establishing what amount of money we need to gather from all the sponsors.

BTW I am also working on having low-rates rooms available for anyone in need of that too. But rooms and meals are to the travellers expenses. The good news is we are planning a big "Get Together" on Friday night, supper included (and maybe a beer! :o) )... I will keep you posted!

We aim at having a great event in Montreal so we'll do the best we can to get as many people as we can onboard! Let me hear of you!


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