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This can be avoided if the order of commands is predefined.  New
commands would have the least priority, unless they are explicilty
moved relative to others.  For example if I add a new command "rotate
colors" and query for "rotate", it would appear after "rotate image"
and "rotate layer", even though it comes before them alphabetically.

This is a good idea; I cannot comment on  what tecnical aspects would be needed to make it work.

There is modality in that typing a key in search mode shows you
commands that match that key, while in normal mode it executes a
command.  A way to avoid that is to use a quasi-mode, such as
searching only while Alt is pressed, and executing the selected
command when Alt is released.  This may work, though I expect it would
be ergonomically hard.

A fairly nice way would be like this

Alt-R (release alt) otate layer

More of the initial letters could be typed with alt if it suited the user.
And of course, the query should be terminatable by pressing Escape.

If there is no menu bar, the query box can pop up over the image.  Or
it can move the image down to make space when it appears.

The first of these suggestions would work well. The second would almost certainly be very irritating.

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