Michael Natterer writes:
 > No. You don't want to look at emacs code. Really. 

While talking about Emacsish features, one feature I often miss in GUI
apps is something equivalent to Emacs's C-h c (describe-key-briefly). 

I.e., a way to find out what a certain keypress does. The main use
case for this would be when you by accident press the wrong key, and
you don't immediately notice anything happening, but you still are
afraid that by mistake you have done damage to your document.

OK, so in most well-written apps Undo will undo any such inadvertent
changes. (But if you don't know if your accidental keypress did
anything or not, you don't know what Undo will undo...). It helps a
bit if the menu entry for Undo says what the last operation that are
to be undone is called. Or if the app has a history feature. But


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