On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 04:55:04AM -0400, Philip Ganchev wrote:
> I suppose there are ergonomic advantages to one-hand command invocation if
> 1.  you hold the mouse with the other hand, and
> 2.  there is a keyboard shortcut for the action you want, and
> 3.  you know what it is without having to check.

This is probably as good a place as any to ask: with this idea, has the
impact on graphics tablet users been considered? If we're talking about
this idea as a menu replacement (as opposed to a menu alternative), I
think you're going to piss those users off. With menus you never have to
go near the keyboard for editing if you don't want to; I'd imagine most
tablet users stay well clear from the keyboard when working, as they tend
to be quite bulky (the tablets, not the users). The keyboard gets pushed
off to one side and the tablet comes to the fore. 

Although I don't have a tablet, that's how I use the gimp. The only time I
go near the keyboard is entering text (rare) and entering numbers
(slightly more common). For most tasks I'm entirely mouse-driven. If
someone insisted I use the keyboard (and with both hands, if I'm typing
full words) I would not be a happy user. 

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