On Thu, 2006-10-12 at 18:33 -0400, Philip Ganchev wrote:

> I would love to make the description more formal, if someone tells me
> how.  Is that what you mean by "spec things up"?

Yea, I meant to write a functional specification of how this is supposed
to work. Joel Spolski has written a nice introduction to functional


Some other issues you raised - I thought tiles would make a better use
of space, but having a single column would work just as well as we
really need to present just a few results. 

As for the graphic, I would think a lot of effects can be illustrated
with a graphic. An image shouldn't actually get processed (at least not
at run-time), but a sample graphic processed with a filter may
illustrate its effect better than a description. To emphasize the
effect, the thumbnail could be split, with the left side being the
original sample image and the right side with the effect applied.


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