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On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 04:55:04AM -0400, Philip Ganchev wrote:
> I suppose there are ergonomic advantages to one-hand command invocation if
> 1.  you hold the mouse with the other hand, and
> 2.  there is a keyboard shortcut for the action you want, and
> 3.  you know what it is without having to check.

This is probably as good a place as any to ask: with this idea, has the
impact on graphics tablet users been considered? If we're talking about
this idea as a menu replacement (as opposed to a menu alternative), I
think you're going to piss those users off. With menus you never have to
go near the keyboard for editing if you don't want to; I'd imagine most
tablet users stay well clear from the keyboard when working, as they tend
to be quite bulky (the tablets, not the users). The keyboard gets pushed
off to one side and the tablet comes to the fore.

This is true; navigating the menus is quite quick by tablet (or the UI in general; it works far better than a mouse for UI navigation generally)

Another issue is tear-off menus. The current functionality can be quite useful when performing a group of similar operations. I would expect the ability to tear off the currently selected search items to be a crucial part of a search feature.

I've considered the idea of making keyboard shortcuts modifier-only.. This is not too bad. It does have the following issues:
  * There is no good reason to prohibit the F1,F2...F12 keys from being assigned without modifier (or the insert/home/end/pageup/pagedown keys), but if this is not done then it is inconsistent.
  * Requiring modifiers limits the number of keys available for effective keyboard shortcuts.
On my keyboard, this means something like


on the left



on the right.

I think some, other things can be fixed without much complication. For instance, menu item selection is modal: if there are two conflicting mnemonics in a menu, then pressing that mnemonic the first time will select the first, pressing it again will select the second. The reason qualifies as modal is that it seems to be stored between menu accesses.

For an example (with recent cvs) try this:

Alt-C-A (then dismiss the menu)
Alt-C-A (then dismiss)
Alt-C-A (then dismiss)

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