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Akkana Peck writes:
> - When I click Print Preview, the dialog disappears and I get a
>   GIMP Message dialog with a nice clear error message:
>     Procedure 'gimp-image-set-unit' has been called with value
>     'pixels' for argument 'unit' (#2, type GimpUnit).
>     This value is out of range.

Turns out I only get this dialog if I've tried to change
width/height. If I simply bring up the print dialog and immediately
click Print Preview, the print dialog silently disappears.

I wasn't watching stderr when I made my previous report. I get lots of:

(print:9163): LibGimp-CRITICAL **: _gimp_unit_cache_get_factor: assertion `unit 
>= GIMP_UNIT_INCH' failed

I see these when the print dialog initially comes up, any time I try
to adjust width/height, and when I click Print Preview (whether or
not I get the Message dialog).

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