Sven Neumann writes:
> thanks for looking at the plug-in. It would help a lot if we could split
> your list into problems of the Print plug-in and problems of the
> GtkPrint API. The latter would have to be reported against GTK+.

I've filed a gimp bug (#387604) on the unit factor problems (I
suspect the dialog disappearing on Print Preview is the same
problem; at least it's not easily separable from it right now).

I'm not sure which of the other problems is GtkPrint vs. GIMP,
because I'm not familiar with what GtkPrint does. Two bugs that
seem worth filing:

- Not reading the system paper size (I'm guessing this is gtkprint)
- Two different functions named Page Setup (I'm guessing this is GIMP)

Do my guesses sound right?

And a few RFEs which would be needed to get the print dialog to
functionality comparable to the existing gimp-print plug-in.
I don't know whether these belong to gtkprint or gimp:

- No way to adjust margins
- Page Setup should be in the Layout tab, not a separate dialog
- No live preview

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