From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:18:58 +0100

     - Clicking Print seems to get stuck if the printer isn't on when
       I click it.  The progress bar goes to 100% and then stays
       there, and nothing shows up in the print queue. Subsequently
       turning the printer on doesn't help. If the printer is on when
       I click Print, it does eventually send something to the print
       queue (though it takes a surprisingly long time, even for a
       small image in Draft mode, compared to the gimp-print plug-in).

   I have improved the status messages a little since you reported
   this.  Printing is still rather slow though. I am not sure if and
   how this can be improved. Again, we seem to need advice from a
   GtkPrint expert here.

The hang could also be a spooler issue.  Unless GtkPrint is doing some
kind of special checking (or you're not using a spooler), it shouldn't
even know if the printer that the printer isn't on.

     - When I print using this plug-in, I get periodic horizontal
       light bands. I'll do more testing, but I think it's something
       this plug-in is doing (not a clogged nozzle on my printer or
       similar issue) because I can print at different scales and
       resolutions and the bands always show up at the same places
       relative to the original image, regardless of physical spacing
       on the page.

   Yes, the banding comes from the fact that the plug-in paints the
   image in stripes of tile height. It does that to avoid having to
   allocate memory for the whole image. I hope that we can find a way
   to fix this.

How would this kind of banding affect the output?

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