On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 18:36 -0500, Adrian Likins wrote:

> 1. In the toolbox, the fg/bg color, and brush/patter/gradient boxes 
> should be on.

The brush/patter/gradient boxes are pointless as these can be accessed
from the respective tool options. I haven't been using those for years.
The fg/bg color selector is different as the Colors tab is not a
completely equivalent replacement. It lacks the color history.

> 3. Change the default image size (any particular reason it is 377x233?)
>     I'd suggest 1024x768

The default image size is 420 x 300. The weird 377 x 233 size is only in
unstable releases. It is there to make sure that developers work with
odd-sized images when testing new stuff.

> 4. Don't show the devices dialog by default. It's a bit redundant with
>     #1, and only shows one device for most users.

I don't think the devices dialog has ever been part of the default

> 9. I'd turn on "Save Tool options on exit" by default. We have a "reset
>     to default" in the dialogs if someone wants to reset the tools.

No, please not. We have had tons of complaints from 2.2 users who didn't
understand why their tools changed behaviour. We changed this early in
the 2.3 series to not to save the tool options by default and this has
so far turned out to be the better choice. Changing the tool defaults
should be left to expert users who know what they are doing.


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