Sven Neumann writes:
> On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 15:18 -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> > I prefer to have these showing in the toolbox. When I lost them a some time 
> > ago after a cvs up, the first thing I did was find out where they went and 
> > how 
> > to get them back.
> You could at least have tried to live without them for a while before
> judging about this change. That's one of the main problems with the GIMP
> user interface. People are afraid of trying new things and miss what
> they have learnt to use. So, the fact that you immidiately renabled
> these widgets only show us that you are reluctant to changes. It doesn't

I'm not Kevin, but I had the same reaction he did. In my defense
(and maybe Kevin's), when the toolbox selectors disappeared, the
new dialogs didn't automatically make themselves visible, so it
just looked like a bug that they were suddenly gone, and getting
back my color selector was my first priority. A new user wouldn't
have that problem.

But Sven is right (even though he's talking to Kevin) that some of
us didn't give the new layout a fair chance.  So I've been doing
that for the past couple days, and it actually works fine. I like
not needing the popup any more, and for most operations it doesn't
require any more clicks than the old layout.

There are still two things I miss. Neither of these will stop me
from using the new setup, but I wonder if they might cause a problem
to non-geeky users:

1. Being able to drag from the foreground or background swatch
into the image. Sometimes I use the keybindings (ctrl-, and ctrl-.)
but other times it seems more natural to drag the color, and if
the swatches aren't exposed (because they're hidden in a tab),
it would take two extra clicks to drag them (two clicks assuming
that I need the layers dialog visible most of the time, so I need
to switch back).

2. The sliders for RGB. I can do HSV adjustments in the big color
rectangle, but if I want to adjust RGB values (for instance, to
ensure that I'm getting pure red) I have to use the HTML field or
click the R, G and B buttons in sequence. I can't just glance at the
three sliders like with the old dialog.

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