On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 11:13 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:

> I'm not Kevin, but I had the same reaction he did. In my defense
> (and maybe Kevin's), when the toolbox selectors disappeared, the
> new dialogs didn't automatically make themselves visible, so it
> just looked like a bug that they were suddenly gone, and getting
> back my color selector was my first priority. A new user wouldn't
> have that problem.

Unless we change something, users upgrading from 2.2 will have exactly
this experience though. Currently we migrate the sessionrc, so the docks
setup is kept when upgrading to GIMP 2.4. The gimprc is also migrated,
but since we have changed the default value, the fg/bg color indicator
is going to disappear when upgrading.

I see several ways to fix this:

 (1) we decide that the fg/bg color indicator is kept by default
 (2) we don't migrate the user's sessionrc and force her to start
     with the default dock layout
 (3) we do major hacks during the migration process

I don't like the third option because such hacks are likely going to
introduce bugs. Especially since the migration code is difficult to

> 2. The sliders for RGB. I can do HSV adjustments in the big color
> rectangle, but if I want to adjust RGB values (for instance, to
> ensure that I'm getting pure red) I have to use the HTML field or
> click the R, G and B buttons in sequence. I can't just glance at the
> three sliders like with the old dialog.

But you can do that in the Slider color selector, can't you?


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