On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 15:18 -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> I prefer to have these showing in the toolbox. When I lost them a some time 
> ago after a cvs up, the first thing I did was find out where they went and 
> how 
> to get them back.

You could at least have tried to live without them for a while before
judging about this change. That's one of the main problems with the GIMP
user interface. People are afraid of trying new things and miss what
they have learnt to use. So, the fact that you immidiately renabled
these widgets only show us that you are reluctant to changes. It doesn't
show that these widgets are in any way important and should be part of
the default setup.

> I don't see any real benefits from the amount of desktop space that can be 
> saved by turning the display of these features off.

It's not primarily a question of screen estate. The question is whether
these widgets are useful enough for the average user to have them
enabled by default. We have to try not to add too many things or new
users will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of user interface


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