Sven Neumann writes:
>> I don't think that comparable functionality is a goal of the new Print
>> plug-in. People can always install the gutenprint plug-in if they need
>> this functionality. 

Robert L Krawitz writes:
> Whatever one thinks of all the color adjustments and the
> Gimp-Print/Gutenprint UI in general, the live preview and margin/page
> adjustments always attract comment if something breaks about them...

The live preview is essential for non-geeky people and visually
oriented people (artist types), who aren't going to try to
go from text like ".8 inches, Reverse Landscape" to visualizing
what will actually be printed.

I might be biased. Gimp-print, and particularly its live preview,
was the key that enabled me to switch to Linux full-time back in the
day.  Before that I'd been fighting with Photoshop LE, which had an
absolutely horrible print UI: you had to click a secret unlabelled
area in the status bar to pop up a preview window, which consisted
of a white rectangle with an "X" over the part that would be
printed.  Gimp-print's low-res preview showing the actual image may
not have been perfect, but it was a huge improvement in usability
over anything I'd found on Windows.

Setting unequal margins is an intermediate case. That's really
useful for one task a lot of non-geeky users might like to do:
printing holiday cards. But maybe that one's less important since
there's a workaround, even if it's more hassle (position the image
on a white canvas 2.x times as large).

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