Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Also your approach is very lame indeed. This discussion wasn't even
> close to coming to an end. It would have been a lot nicer to propose a
> solution instead of wasting time like this.

Please realize that your mails sound very much like you dont really want
to change anything. You nearly suggested removing the screenshot plugin,
you think of the current UI to be more appealing, you suggest
various workarounds. None of your mails up to Akkanas latest mails
even suggests that you are willing to reopen this issue.

Now you are demeaning akkanas IMHO valid approach which is IMHO not
fair. Fortunately you finally seem to open up a little regarding a
discussion of the UI. But I'd really appreciate if you'd value other
peoples work as much as you expect your own work to be valued.

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