On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 11:32 +0100, Simon Budig wrote:

> Please realize that your mails sound very much like you dont really want
> to change anything.

True. I don't think that the requested change should be made. That does
however not mean that it cannot be done and will not be done. There has
never been any final decision from my part. Everything I say is subject
to discussion and I am always open for arguments and willing to change
my mind.

In this particular case I do however expect that someone takes the time
to evaluate both the 2.2 and the current UI and to check them against
common use cases. And if it turns out that we need two delays, then it
would have been appropriate to come up with a quick mockup of how such a
user interface could look like without reintroducing the problems that
we have with the old UI. I don't think that is asked too much.


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