On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 11:04 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:

> It wasn't? I waited more than a day after your last posting, and
> there was nothing more. I don't think most of us thought that more
> begging was going to accomplish anything after you said no.

I never said no. I only explained the changes that happened since 2.2
and explained why I think that the current UI is better. That doesn't
mean that it cannot be improved further. It only means that I am
unwilling to revert the whole thing.

> That's because the old interface was fine for most people. You're
> playing feature blackmail -- "I'm going to remove this feature in
> order to force someone to come up with a new UI that I like, except
> that I may never like any UI enough, in which case you'll have to do
> without your feature forever."  Perhaps you think that's a good
> motivation to get people working on the UI, but in reality it
> just makes people frustrated and angry.

Sorry, but UI design is not about like or dislike. All I want is that
someone comes up with a UI proposal and shows us how it is better than
the current one. At least show us that you actually tried to consider
the problems and looked for solutions.

You can't just say that the old user interface was fine and that we
should revert to it. That would mean ignoring the many complaints that
led to this change.


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