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> For what it's worth, every time I see the question "How do I make
> a screenshot?" posed on a beginner/intermediate Linux list, the 
> answer always ends up being GIMP. It's still the best method
> that's not dependent on users running specific versions of
> specific desktops.

Personally I'd rather have the screenshooter be a separate application.
There is a good number of efficient workflows using existing tools
(`sleep 5 && import (-window root) ~/Desktop/foo.png` [1],
`gnome-panel-screenshot --delay 5 (--window)` , ksnaphot (don't know my
way around that one)). 

I consider the GIMP's screenshooter served its historical purpose, but
isn't as needed even though some of us have grown familiar with it. You
have to look at it pragmatically. Too few resources, lots of more
important code to maintain.


[1] http://www.graphicsmagick.org/www/import.html
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KSnapshot
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