On Sat, 2007-02-03 at 11:28 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:

> Me too. The new setup where the preview is a layer in the image
> dialog (I just updated and saw it) is wonderful. I'd been struggling
> with focus/raise issues with the old separate-window setup (click on
> the dialog and it would raise the original image window, hiding the
> preview window, and even when that didn't happen I was always
> confusing the two similar looking image windows); using a new layer
> is a great solution and makes it so much easier to see the effect of
> the quality settings.

Nothing is new to that. The JPEG plug-in has always behaved that way,
if, and only if, you are not using the Export functionality. The way
Export is currently implemented, a duplicate of the image is created.
This duplicate then has the layers merged and whatever operation is
needed to prepare the image for saving. The JPEG plug-in then creates
the preview layer on the export image. And it needs creates a display
for it. That's what you call the Preview window.

Two things to learn from this:

- Save/Export urgently needs a redesign. Both technically and from a 
  user interface point of view. It probably makes sense to start looking
  at it from a user's point of view first and then check how such
  behaviour can be implemented.

- The preview on the image window as currently implemented by the JPEG 
  plug-in is a disastrous hack that has never worked well.


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