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   >   There is also problems with the way changes broke the interface
   >    with gimp=print, amongst other things. Gimp 2.3 is still seriously
   >    unfinished as far as the print dlg goes yet it seems I still cannot
   >    use gutenprint with 2.2.
   > What problem are you having using Gutenprint with GIMP 2.2?  It should
   > work fine, and I'd like to help you fix it.

   I only just noticed this comment at the top of your reply.

   The problem is that my distro , Gentoo, has a dependancy block on
   gimp-print>4.2.7 with gimp-2.2

   Now from what you say this may be an error or a misunderstanding of
   old issues. I recall quite some time ago I put in a bug report at and got this was an "upstream" issue and the block
   would remain until that was resolved.

This problem's a bit more complicated.  GIMP 2.2 does have a
dependency on Gimp-Print 4.2; the Print plugin in GIMP 2.2 requires
the Gimp-Print 4.2 library, and Gutenprint 5.0 has an incompatible
API.  However, we've already thought of that; it's possible to have
both Gimp-Print 4.2 and Gutenprint 5.0 installed concurrently.

   Is the conclusion from this that the src tarball for gimp 2.2.x
   needs these checks to be changed because gimp-print-5.x does now
   work with it?

Well, the actual story is that Gutenprint 5.0 includes its own Print
plugin for the GIMP that replaces the one in GIMP 2.2.  The best thing
to do is to configure the GIMP with

configure --disable-print (or --without-print, I don't remember which)

and then to install Gutenprint on top of it.

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