On Monday 19 March 2007 08:11, Simon Budig wrote:
> > IMHO, refraining from posts like this could greatly improve the
> > atmosphere of this list.
> > It is really up to you to help  somebody with answering his
> > question or not to help, but this "answer" only hurts and helps
> > nothing.
> I don't agree with you there.
>... (remaining ranst tossed on bascket)

Simon, where does that forbid one to add words 
like "thanks", "please", "would" and etc... to even a short answer, 
like a FAQ URL???

You see, the GIMP is not exactly with exceeding developer resources, 
and every single person I see trying to approach the project either 
here or over bugzilla gets a rude answer that might have turned then 
away for good. Examples from the last 48 hours include a "help 
yourself" (bug #329020 - 2007-03-20), "we don't take bug reports 
against outdated development versions anyway." (bug #420170, 

The guys organizing LGM had called my attention to the point that GIMP 
is a project perved as hostile towards newcomers. 

I even addressed in private some hostile postings on this list over 
the last weeks to try to start changing this general behavior - but 
it looks it is just too overspread.

It is not really hard - and that is to you Mitch, you Sven, you Nomis, 
to simply rememebr the person on the other sidee is sitll a human 
being, is not it? Not less human for having less abilities to 
compile/hack complicated software projects, much less for simply not 
knowing how to do so.

You can think ut whatver you want, mutter whatver you want, write a 
scratch however you want - I ma just askign that before hitting 
the "post"  button you go back to thetext and add some of the magic 
words - even if in your heart you are lying.

"we don't take bug reports against outdated development versions 
"Please, post bugs only using the latest development version. "

(that if one is really unwillingly to type a few more characters) 

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