> > Come on, that is simply a rude accusation.
> Is it rude? It seems perfectly reasonable and polite to me. Interestingly  
> Sven seems to find this highly offensive as well. May be you think taking  
> offense somehow negates the criticism. It seems you both are not too good  
> a taking what you give out to others and quick to take offence where it  
> was not even intended.

One key aspect is Joao's comment that outsiders preceive the project
as rude -- and he gave several very recent examples of why this
perception exists.

Even if an original question seems rude or stupid, answering it in a
rude or brusque manner creates a perception that GIMP is not a
friendly project for outsiders.

Maybe that's the intent -- to set up a gauntlet that weeds out any
potential participants who might be lazy or thin skinned. If so, no
problem. But if you actually want lots of new participants, then how
other people perceive the project matters.

Being perceived as friendly takes some effort -- and sometimes it
means trying to seem friendly even when you don't feel that way, and
even when you feel justified in being abrupt because the question
was lazy.

> Simon , who I cant remember as being rude or off-hand to anyone, seems  
> confused yet polite, not offended.

Yes, it's ironic to see Simon targeted in this discussion -- he is
not one of the main offenders here and is consistently friendly and
helpful in general.

Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris writes:
> Simon, where does that forbid one to add words 
> like "thanks", "please", "would" and etc... to even a short answer, 
> like a FAQ URL???

Is there a FAQ URL? There's nothing linked from the top level of
gimp.org. There is a FAQ page on the wiki, but it begins with a
disclaimer that it's out of date and people should go to the GIMP
manual instead (which doesn't answer most of the FAQ questions).
I wish the person who added that out-of-date notice had actually
mentioned *which* answers were out of date, which would make it a
lot easier for volunteers to find and update them.

And the FAQ doesn't have anything on the language(s) used to write
GIMP. I know it sounds like a stupid question -- that was my
reaction too -- but it's not the first time I've seen it asked on
the mailing lists, so maybe it belongs in the FAQ after all,
along with how to take a quick look at GIMP code (viewcvs)
without downloading the whole tarball.

Except I'm hesitant to run off and register for the wiki so that
I can add it, given that it's not linked from the main GIMP site,
no one refers to it and the page itself discourages anyone from
using it.

If there's no easy-to-find FAQ document, then is it fair to get mad
at people for asking FAQs?

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