Michael Schumacher wrote:
> We do have a list etiquette at http://www.gimp.org/mail_lists.html. I'd like 
> to suggest that it is moved above the mailing lists, maybe it will be read 
> more often then.
I recently submitted a patch to the gimp-web list addressing this page. I added 
a link to the etiquette section below. I considered moving the etiquette 
above the mailing lists but didn't want to put the page's primary information 
the bottom! I also added a reference to the FAQ in the wiki.

> Maybe we should advertise it a bit more - standard gimp.org message footers, 
> anyone?
I think this is a very good idea. We should also link to the FAQ directly. We 
could also utilise the monthly list subscription reminder.
> In addition, I think that the list etiquette should point to the "smart
> questions" guide: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
> Yes, I know that some think that this document is rude, but it has been
> incredibly useful for me. I always go back and read it when I find myself
> asking too many simple questions per time frame.
I think that it's going to seriously put off anyone who's still not adjusted to 
free software culture. I'd much rather we have our own version that concisely 
and sympathetically addresses the same points. It could go on the 
mail_lists.html page. I thought I'd included something already in the patch, 
it looks like I forgot about it.


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