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> wrote:
> >> It is not really hard - and that is to you Mitch, you Sven, you Nomis,
> >> to simply remember the person on the other side is still a human
> >> being, is not it? Not less human for having less abilities to
> >> compile/hack complicated software projects, much less for simply not
> >> knowing how to do so.
> > Come on, that is simply a rude accusation.
> Is it rude? It seems perfectly reasonable and polite to me.

Actually I too think that this is - uhm - not very carefully worded. It
implies that we actually do judge people only by their coding abilities
and/or cluelessness. Which is something I personally do not like to hear
about me (because I don't think it is true).

To be a bit more constructive here: If our way of communicating gives
the *impression* that we judge people by their coding skills only, then
we should try to work on this. I think that (especially in the bug
reports) there are subtle things that already would improve a lot:

- replace "obviously" with "apparently".
- replace "useless" with "not helpful"
- sprinkle more "please" and "thanks"

there are probably other simple examples that would kind of defuse the
perceived rudeness. To me it is important though that we avoid the
"corporate speak" sound of some other projects, which in itselfs also
creates a barriere between the users and the developers as well.

As for the missing "canned responses" - it probably is fairly easy to
whip up a small javascript bookmarklet, that fills in the comment section
of a bugzilla entry, if one is really ambitious one could write an
firefox extension that automatically adds these to the context menu. But
really - a text file on disk with all of these would suffice.

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