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>> It is not really hard - and that is to you Mitch, you Sven, you Nomis,
>> to simply remember the person on the other side is still a human
>> being, is not it? Not less human for having less abilities to
>> compile/hack complicated software projects, much less for simply not
>> knowing how to do so.

> Come on, that is simply a rude accusation.

Is it rude? It seems perfectly reasonable and polite to me. Interestingly  
Sven seems to find this highly offensive as well. May be you think taking  
offense somehow negates the criticism. It seems you both are not too good  
a taking what you give out to others and quick to take offence where it  
was not even intended.

Simon , who I cant remember as being rude or off-hand to anyone, seems  
confused yet polite, not offended.

The post that sparked this thread seemed fair to me, it was a lazy  
question that got a helpful but deservedly terse reply, but there have  
been many examples of ppl being badly received and I've already commented  
on that myself. It's one reason why the number of contributors to gimp is  
limited. It does nothing to further gimp.

I agree with Alexander's comments. I have submitted bugs to a number of  
projects that I use and have nearly always been well received. I can only  
agree that getting a polite response , even if the report is mistaken in  
some way, builds good will. I come away with a positive impression and I  
get more enjoyment from the software. I'm more inclined to recommend it to  


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