What gimp is not:

"not a web page mock-up application
I brought up web mock-ups, but we realised that seriously supporting this would 
mean introducing a ton of functionality;
it is better done in a specialised application"

   I really don't understand what tons of functionality you mean.
   The most bothering shortcoming for webdesign workflow is slice tool
   and save for web (integrated into one app).

   Maybe your research methods are wrong.

   Webdesigners DO NOT design elements of page separately.
   Webdesigners DO NOT slice page and then open sliced files to save
   them for web. It would be great waste of time.

   As a matter of fact approach 'not a web page mock-up application'
   means that gimp is useless for any modern form of

   PS I didn't intend to offend anyone.

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