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> But the correct behavior ( exporting layout for web ) can be seen on
> Macromedia / Adobe Fireworks. Let say Firefox 8 ( I dont try yet CS
> version ).
> They had a proven model that already got the general acceptance. If some
> similar model ( to cut in slices - to rename every slice in your way -
> to choose export format individual for each slice [ this can be a killer
> feature ] - to hide or show some layers / objects / slices depending on
> your needs ) - well that will be a major / expected move.

Personally I think the slicing a grid approaches encourages a habit in
web-design that should be strongly discouraged. The habit to use
pixels as measurement unit for interfaces / designs, never displays
_will_ have higher resolution, and designs created need to accommodate
wider ranges of resolutions.

It should be possible to create elements for such designs with tools
provided; but this is a very narrow use case; that I personally would
hope wouldn't be a focal point for how to use GIMP when creating
designs for the web.

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