damianzalewski wrote:

>  What gimp is not:
> "not a web page mock-up application
> I brought up web mock-ups, but we realised that seriously  
> supporting this would mean introducing a ton of functionality;
> it is better done in a specialised application"
>    I really don't understand what tons of functionality you mean.

Well, let's see:

First we would have to support the task of figuring out the right
page structure and proportions by the designer. This would mean
multicolumn layout, aligning sections vertically. This all of
course in modern fluid (resizing) web layouts. This is all vector
oriented work, because it is about structure.

Next: although the structure of html text mark-up and the typographical
capabilities of css do not need to go 100% into the GIMP text system,
a complete _understanding_ of the structure of html text mark-up and
the typographical capabilities of css does needs to go into GIMP.

Can those links highlight on mouse-over? yeah sure, we should include  

Can we then click those links to go in the mock-up from page to page?
yeah sure, we should include that.

When that all works, can GIMP export a click-dummy in html, css and
images? yeah sure, we should include that.

And I am sure there is more...

That is serious work to implement. And all the interaction elegance
of sewing a third leg on the GIMP.

>    The most bothering shortcoming for webdesign workflow is slice tool
>    and save for web (integrated into one app).

Those both will be in GIMP, in the future.

>    Maybe your research methods are wrong.
>    Webdesigners DO NOT design elements of page separately.
>    Webdesigners DO NOT slice page and then open sliced files to save
>    them for web. It would be great waste of time.

We do imagine that a set of website graphics pieces gets _produced_
on a single canvas, and when everything works well together
graphically, with a single 'cutting mask' all pieces are cut out
and saved in the right web format, in a single action.

>    As a matter of fact approach 'not a web page mock-up application'
>    means that gimp is useless for any modern form of
>    webdesign.

Designing the structure of web pages and building mock-ups is the work
for an interaction designer, and there are other apps to do that in.

The production of high quality image pieces for the final web site
is the work of a graphics artists, and GIMP is the application for that.


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