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> gcn> I agree that the tools should aimed towards "top end" users not  
> splicing.
> gcn> Gimp's declared aim is to provide tools for creating elements for  
> web
> gcn> design not page layout.
> Does it really mean I have to use separate program to make few cuts.
no. Select , cut, paste as new.

> And how can I make web page without slicing ?

I have no idea what you are trying to "slice" or what effect you are  
trying to achieve but assuming you are trying to design a layout that is  
capable of adapting to different screen sizes (which you certainly ought  
to be doing) you will need to be a bit more engenious than just making a  
600x800 and chopping it into a few chuncks.

This is not the place for a tutorial but you should be able to create the  
necessary graphic elements by selecting a rectangle , possibly defining a  
transparency colour and saving in a suitable format. All that is readily  
available in gimp.

The selection tools are now very easy to use precisely and well adapted  
for this task.


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