Guillermo wrote:

> Fist of all, I want to thank Peter for his excellent work. I'm glad to
> see that several problems of GIMP's GUI are being revisited and  
> most of
> the solutions suggested will be welcome in future releases.

you're welcome.

> I don't agree with #1 request, though. I know that this has been a
> frequent request for years, but I think it's just a matter of  
> habit. I'm
> a Photoshop user, and a Gimp user, too. After a couple of days I could
> understand the power of floating windows. Switching between floating
> windows and fullscreen with F11 is fast and easy, and my workflow  
> is far
> better this way.
> And when I connected a second monitor it was even better. Floating
> windows ROCK!

you do have a good point with the second monitor angle.

Although we have to primarily work for the one monitor case, creating
a solution that also works great over two monitors is important.

> Turning Gimp into a MDI application will make several users happy, but
> IMO it won't benefit Gimp at all.
> I think it would be better to improve the way those floating  
> windows work:
> - by creating only one item in the windows list, grouping GIMP's
> windows, instead of one item for each panel (it's quite confusing)

I say no item in the window list. inspectors do not match users' goals,
image windows do.

> - by making toolbox and dockers dependant of the "canvas" window.
> As it was discussed before, this brings a new problem: where should  
> the
> menu bar be placed. Of course, the document window is the most ovbious
> choice, but as we use floating windows, it won't be any document  
> window
> when we open the program.
> Maybe the best option is to create a new kind of splashscreen,  
> where we
> get as options:
> -Create a new image (if you choose this, the new image dialog appears,
> with dimensions, templates, color mode, etc.)
> -Open existing image/s (if you choose this, the filer appears, letting
> you pick an image or a group of images).
> Once you made your choice, the toolbox and dockers will appear  
> along the
> document/s window/s.
> (I'm thinking about something like the latest Adobe Premiere Pro  
> initial
> screen, for instance, but in the GTK/floating windows fashion)

My intuition tells me that such 'ms outlook' approach would
work against the goal of GIMP being a high-end expert tool.

I am much more enthusiastic about having the tip of the day in the
main window in a 'no image' situation. And to have all new tips there,
that can bring experienced users to the next level.

> Another thing that was covered in your work is the use of the screen
> space. I agree that the current menu layout is a waste of pixels.
> But this is already possible to improve in Gimp using the small theme
> and putting the tool options panel in the docker window. This  
> allows you
> to shrink the toolbox, gaining much window space.
> You can see a screenshot of my current tool layout in gimp using that
> idea here:

We are investigating in the same direction at the moment, but I cannot
decide for one million users that by default they can have either
the tool options, or the color specifier. So I need to look for
different compromises.


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