Sven wrote:
> I would actually want to have toplevel image windows listed in the task
> bar. But I don't see a point of having a GIMP item there. Palettes like
> the toolbox don't show up in the task bar anyway when they are set as
> utility windows. You can already configure GIMP to behave this way.

Oh, I didn't know that.
That's much better, but if you set both toolbox and docker as utility windows, 
if you haven't any image open you don't have any window listed in the taskbar 
nor the task switcher (alt+tab).
Default behaviour clutters the taskbar and the other setting makes the 
application almost invisible if you refreshed the desktop using the show destop 
I think most users see the windows listed in the taskbar as "applications 
running or minimized" instead of "windows". That's why I find this behaviour to 
be quite confusing.


About the "image slicing for webmasters" subject... I'm against it.
Save for web is a necessary tool because is a time saver and allows to see the 
balance between quality and filesize, which is a must-be for web design.
But slicing is a horrible methodology created for home users. A real web 
designer designs a wireframe and the typographic structure before the graphic 
stage, then designs the elements needed, using the div placement and dimensions 
defined in the css layout.
I mean: If you completed the wireframe stage and you defined the block elements 
with CSS, image slicing is not necessary anymore. And in that case, the current 
GIMP features are more than enough.
A great tool for designers would be a CSS layout importer (able to import divs 
containers and place them as layers with guides in the right plces). Sort of 
But imo, it should be a plugin, not a core function.

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