Peter said:
>> - by creating only one item in the windows list, grouping GIMP's
>> windows, instead of one item for each panel (it's quite confusing)
> I say no item in the window list. inspectors do not match users' goals,
> image windows do.
I meant the items in the tray bar / lower panel of the O.S. desktop. The 
applications listing.
Just one item "Gimp" instead of toolbox, image, docker as it appears now.

> My intuition tells me that such 'ms outlook' approach would
> work against the goal of GIMP being a high-end expert tool.
> I am much more enthusiastic about having the tip of the day in the
> main window in a 'no image' situation. And to have all new tips there,
> that can bring experienced users to the next level.
To be honest, I had that idea when I was looking Ardour and Jokosher, 
then I realized "hey, that's the same that the latest Adobe apps have!".
It doesn't look to be working against Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After 
Effects and  Adobe Encore (almost in the exact way I suggested) and 
Photoshop and Illustrator (in a similar way).
So I'm not sure if it's incompatible with a high end, pro application.
The tip of the day could be in that window too, and you'd have a great 
one-window solution for the whole problem.
I think I should make a mockup. :-)

> We are investigating in the same direction at the moment, but I cannot
> decide for one million users that by default they can have either
> the tool options, or the color specifier. So I need to look for
> different compromises.
Then Thorsten said this:
> As far as I got it, this is all in line with what Peter has been 
> proposing. Where MDI would be an _option_ that could be tackled 
> _after_ floating panels have been adressed.
And this:
> Fine if that works for you and nice to see docking put to work for 
> a custom layout. But I shudder on the thought of having to move the 
> pointer from one side of the screen to the other, for tweakink tool 
> options after picking a tool. 
Good points.
In the ideal world, Gimp would have MDI and floating as options, and 
presetable layouts by default.
But we know that gimp hasn't enough developers, and this kind of 
features were never adopted because of that.
I was myself one of the guys asking for optional MDI/Floating some time 
ago, and Sven replied that: every option in the preferences carry an 
important effort in coding as well as several changes in documentation.
That's why I'm suggesting this layout chnge. It would gain much screen 
space without the need of much coding and documentation changes.
I'm pretty sure that most of the user asking for MDI wouldn't have much 
problems with the layout I'm proposing. It's more "photoshop-esque", and 
to be honest, users who ask for MDI so frequently are doing that because 
of Photoshop mostly (see the "trend" point in Peter's report).
Most of the users got used to the default layout maybe because never 
knew that it could be changed. I'd like to know how they feel about 
getting a 15% more of work area. Maybe there should be a poll in the 
website, proposing a couple of tool layouts.

Oh, and about semi-transparent toolbox and docker... it can be really 
IMO, Semi transparent windows in interfaces should be avoided because 
it's readability depends on the contrast between the foreground and 
background elements. Some combinations work great, some combinations 
simply don't.
And when they don't, the new problem is worse than the problem that was 
intended to solve: a confusing mix with deficient contrast is worse than 
a slight obstruction.
And why not to mention that semi-transparent windows are alien to the 
default GTK/gnome style guidelines.
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