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> These are just assumptions you are making , not a standard of any kind.
They are not just assumptions: a DIV without class or ID or style is 
impossible to be visually formatted. So a clean div is just for 
conceptual delimitation.
A DIV with one of those attributes can be -or not- visually formatted, 
so it depends on which css styles are applied. If you read the css 
information you can easily realize which are visual blocks and which are 
And about the standard thing, just refer to the W3C's Visual Formatting 
Model.  There you can get information on which css attributes should be 
considered or not.

> It is a good idea in itself but since there is no fixed way this will 
> be implemented by any web designer it's far too vague to start writing 
> a plug-on for.
If most of the web designers out there don't follow the standards, it 
doesn't make my suggestion too vague.
Is a standard procedure. If programs like dreamweaver or even NVU skip 
the standards trying to make a "user friendly program" doesn't mean that 
those standards don't exist.

> This seems firmly outside what gimp has decided to be as an image editor.
That's why I suggest a plugin. It seems that many people asked for 
slicing (which isn't a standard or a fixed way to design either, because 
there is no fixed ways to make things in design in general) as a core 
function of Gimp.
I'm aganist it. So I suggested that xHTML+CSS importer plugin as an 
interesting approach for a similar use, but as an external, optional 
I'm not saying "it's a must-be" and Gimp must have it by default. It's 
just an idea.

Thank you for your comments.
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