On 7/26/07, Guillermo Espertino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Stephen:
> The Bezier tool is better suited to the tasks you're describing. Using
> freehand tool as a precision tool (i.e. for background extraction) is a
> bad idea.
> Freehand tool is intended to make coarse selections or tweaks in
> selections that don't need too much precision.
> I'd reccomend you this workflow for background extraction:
> -Draw a path along the edges of the shape that you want to extract, draw
> other paths for the holes (if you create them in the same path layer
> they are automatically combined with the other paths forming holes).
> -Turn path into selection
> -Add a mask channel based on that selection.
> So, imo, the existence of better tools for the same procedure makes this
> request questionable.
> If you ask me, I'd love to have the ability to apply boolean operations
> between different paths before seeing further work on the free selection
> tool.

You can already do that. Right-click in the Paths dialog, all the
standard operations (replace, add, subtract, intersect) are available.
Unless you mean boolean operations that modify the paths themselves,
rather than the selection. GIMP doesn't have that.

> Oh, btw. I'm experiencing some troubles with SIOX. In some images (I
> couldn't figure it out exactly when it happens) after the initial coarse
> selection the mask is displaced to the lower left of the image (with the
> right shape, but completely misaligned with the image) making it
> impossible to perform the extraction.
> Is that a known bug or it's just me?

I thought this was a known bug that had already been fixed in SVN.
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