David Gowers wrote:
> You can already do that. Right-click in the Paths dialog, all the
> standard operations (replace, add, subtract, intersect) are available.
> Unless you mean boolean operations that modify the paths themselves,
> rather than the selection. GIMP doesn't have that.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I mean to perform boolean operations on the paths 
Anyway the current behaviour is functional (performing boolean operations on 
the selection using the paths layers as input) so this can be an interesting 
enhancement but not an urgent one.

> > Oh, btw. I'm experiencing some troubles with SIOX.
> I thought this was a known bug that had already been fixed in SVN.

I'm having that problem in Gimp 2.3.18 and the fix is not announced in the 
latest realese.
Can you confirm if that was actually addressed?

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