On 7/30/07, Stephen Kiel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> David,
> I found a gimp-2.3.18-i586-setup.exe and installed it (after a system 
> backup).  I wanted to check the functions you mentioned without having to set 
> up a build from source code.
> Anyway, the way the freehand select is working in 2.3.18 is great, it was 
> just what I was looking for.  The advise about using the channels for the 
> boolean operations on multiple selections worked out great as well, I didn't 
> realize they had that capability.  I had never thought of channels beyond the 
> Red, Blue, Green decomposition of the image & didn't have occasion to think 
> of using them.

I'm glad I could help.

> I tried the foreground select and found it pretty interesting.  It looks like 
> it wil be a real time saver.  I did have a couple of observations which might 
> be old news since this is one version back from 2.3.19, but here goes just in 
> case:
> 1) There wasn't an obvious want to tell the tool you were done refining and 
> ready to make the selection.  It took a while to notice the message at the 
> bottom of the window to hit enter. Seems like putting in a button would save 
> some new user fumbling, but after they discover that "Enter" is the shortcut, 
> they will probably not use the button any more.  Don't know what to recommend 
> for this.
Yes, I noticed this too. An additional difficulty is that the
statusbar is not guaranteed to be visible, so putting a button next to
the status display would not guarantee the user sees it. I don't have
any idea what to do here either.

> 2) The foreground select tool seemed to act differently depending on the 
> image size (pixels) and the zoom level.  Might be the version, might be the 
> installation I picked up.  With an image that is 2304 x 3072 which comes up 
> with a default 25% zoom on my screen, the preview display covers the entire 
> image after selecting a region to work on.  Taking it up to 100% zoom 
> displays it they way you would expect.

Yes, this bug is known and fixed, release 2.3.19 includes this fix.
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