David Gowers wrote:
>> Yes, I'm aware of that. I mean to perform boolean operations on the paths 
>> tehmselves.
> Well I think that GIMP should avoid doing that, and instead expect you
> to do it with inkscape; transfer of paths between the two programs is
> very simple and inkscape's just plain better at path editing.
I'm not talking about vector illustration. I'm rather thinking about 
options for "combine visible layers" in the paths dialog.
It would be nice to have a pop up window when you choose that option, 
letting you choose between different boolean operations.
For instance: if you have a road sign, and you created a path for the 
sign, and another for the pole, if you combine those layers the parts 
that intersect are excluded (that's the default behaviour of the 
combination and that's ok). But sometimes you need to join the paths or 
substract a part.
I know that's possible using the selections and channels, but that makes 
you go through several steps. And sometimes you need a single path (most 
frequently for keep the file clean without hundreds of layers).
Using the selection and turning it back to paths can be a workaround, 
but it's not 100% accurate and it's not the most handy thing.
I noticed this issue a couple of days ago while creating a file for big 
format print and cutout. I needed to export the vector paths for the 
cutting shape, and -as I had to isolate the images using gimp, the most 
handy way to do it would be to make the path just one and re-utilize it 
It wasn't impossible and I made it with selections and exported the 
paths and combined them later in inkscape, but having a one-step combine 
would been a very important productivity enhancement.

Oh, btw. Another thing I was wondering: Is there a way to straighten a 
single path segment in the bezier tool?

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