>> Comment your idea text balloon style,
>> instead of writing that long essay in your email
> Ok, but...
> Balloons are good for a few comments but they tend to clutter the  
> image and obstruct the legibility if they're too much.
> More complex ideas will require more balloons or more screenshots  
> (and you said you want one or two).

you are seeing I am encouraging everybody to keep it short (few images,
a little text, pointing out what is really new), and think of it:
if you feel you need more than that, maybe your mock-ups are not working
on an interaction design level.

> Maybe something like this would help to keep the presentation simple:

sorry, no text. Make your images speak.

>> (I did not read it).
> I'd really appreciate if you have a moment and read it. It took a  
> couple of hours of my time trying to get a decent solution for a  
> longstanding and polemic issue in gimp.

why did you need so much text? Good UI solutions speak for themselves.
why do you need to explain me anything, when you know it will not end
up in the blog?

> I'd really love to know what do you think about it. Of course I  
> don't expect "I love it" or "it sucks", but your expert oppinion.

as the brainstorm moderator I have to be nice to everybody  
(difficult, that)
and let the contributions speak for themselves. let the contributors
get inspired by each other.

> I don't see the point of the whole blog if there are only  
> screenshots and nothing else. If nobody but the UI team will get  
> something out of that blog, maybe the best idea is just to receive  
> the files via e-mail and don't publish them.

in a brainstorm one idea triggers off the previous. No matter how wacky
an idea is, spit it out. Because either a counter-idea of the next
person will be a step in the right direction, or associating along
in the wacky direction will be the breakthrough we are looking for.

> People who contributes usually want to have a feedback.

well, this is not interaction design school. Feel good about that
you are the one that kicked off the "what do we do when no files
are open?" flow of ideas...

it is good discussing this, I will have to sharpen the 'blurb'
on the blog again after this mail. Tomorrow...


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         man + machine interface works
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