> It's a good idea, but I think you should add a little explaination

thanks for reviewing, I will add some.

> and a
> voting system (like digg's one) to get some statistics of the  
> degree of
> popular aproval of each idea (but I'm not saying that the voting  
> should
> be considered for implementation, just statistics).

well, first of all a voting system is another way of commenting.

In a brainstorm there simply cannot be any kind of "that sucks"
kind of commenting, it kills the flow of ideas.
A series of zero star votes for an entry would be just that.

Second, for me as an interaction professional, these votes are
meaningless. Putting together a functioning UI for GIMP is a big
architectural puzzle. It is not a matter of just putting in the
popular ideas.

> A little text explaining the idea would let the visitors understand
> better the idea.


> In the mockups I sent you can clearly understand the
> basic behaviour just looking the screenshots and the title, but there
> are other aspects that are important too, about the grouping of the
> windows in a single taskbar button, the new menu arrangement and the
> tool windows being dependant of the splash or the document windows. It
> would be nice to have that kind of clarifications too.

like Henk said: put this in the images you send. Combine it in
one graphical package. Comment your idea text balloon style,
instead of writing that long essay in your email
(I did not read it).

The text in the blog is the voice of GIMP UI team.
It would be awkward there to mix the opinion of contributors
with the analysis of our team.

> Also I think that not allowing comments avoids the possibility to
> participate in an existing thread and suggest improvements.

as Michael Schumacher pointed out on the irc last night, the whole
text discussion thing has been tried before on
It failed miserably, because the wrong people (non-interaction types)
were discussing on the wrong level (non-interaction).

I see this working in a visual way. Because of the CC-SA-BY license,
anybody could take your image, modify it with their own ideas for
improvement, and send it back to the brainstorm.

visual dialogue. The image requirement forces contribution, instead
of naysaying.

> But otoh, it would require someone moderating that blog, so I  
> understand
> why not.

you know how the commenting on GIMP topics works: 200 comments
with the top-10 user requests and venting of peoples current
frustrations with GIMP.


         principal user interaction architect
         man + machine interface works
 : on interaction architecture

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