My congratulations as well, great to see the release out!

From: peter sikking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> From my UI-redesign point of view, we need to get GEGL and Cairo
>in GIMP, else there is little chance of innovation in the UI.
>Also what the GIMP project needs right now is a short (< 6 months)
>development cycle. A short-distance run to get its heart beating faster.

I agree with you.  The experience of many other projects, though, shows
that it is very difficult to get short release cycles with a feature-
based roadmap -- the only way to do it is to do time-based releases.  I
would suggest, then (since getting GEGL in is the one really essential
thing at this point) that the way to proceed is to make an estimate of
the time it will take to do the most basic GEGL intregration, expand it
by 50% (because it is good to be realistic), and set that date as a
soft feature freeze, with a hard feature freeze following say 2 months
later. Things that aren't ready by the designated dates must be removed
until the next cycle.

(By the way, unless I am very badly mistaken, there is zero chance of
doing meaningful GEGL integration on a <6 month time basis.  Cairo is
much easier.)

(I also think that the first GEGL-based release should be called 3.0.)

Best wishes,

  -- Bill


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