On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 15:53 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:

> What I'd like to propose is a change in the UI for 2.6 (part of it is 
> already possible with the current interface) to gain more screen space.
> The first thing I make every time I have a fresh install of gimp is 
> taking the tool options to the right docker, and made a minor 
> reorganization of tabs. Then I can stretch the toolbox to a two-column 
> layout so I gain a lot of screen space to work.
> I'd like to propose at least that change as the default panels 
> arrangement. It gains space, and it makes the interface more familiar 
> for people who worked with other image manipulation packages. Plus, it's 
> a totally reversible change, that users that like the current layout can 
> roll back.
> The other part of my idea is a possible solution of the behaviour of the 
> application when there is no image open.
> I developed the idea further in my blog, so I invite you to read it and 
> tell me if this change is feasible.
> http://www.blog.ohweb.com.ar/?p=59

This looks pretty much like the solution that we have been discussing
for quite a while already. The mockup is very nicely done also.

In general I like this change. But we absolutely need to discuss how we
want to handle multiple images with this approach. Things are getting
complicated as soon as you have more than one image window. You can try
the "transient-docks" feature (see gimprc). It makes the toolbox and
dock windows transient to the active image window. Unfortunately this
approach has shown to not work well with most window managers. But
perhaps this is something that can be figured out.


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