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>> Contrast the GIMP UI redesign with the GIMP project as a whole, which
>> invites and receives patches, bug reports, and ideas from scores of
>> outsiders.
> The focus was on the UI redesign, not GIMP. In fact the quote above
> compliments GIMP (but at the UI redesign's expense).


I dont think Nathan's analysis is that far "off the mark". The interaction  
with the UI team is very one way and definately gives the impression of  
"please go away , we're busy."

The so called brainstorm blog is more like a super market's suggestion box  
than a discussion.

There is a definate attempt to keep "outsiders" at arms length and the  
blog really just looks like it's there so any critisism of not being open  
can be countered by saying "look we have the blog for ideas".

Whether this approach in understandable or desirable or ultimately more or  
less productive remains to be seen but I dont see much justification for  
calling it open or feigning indignation if someone suggests it's not.

Like with a door, there are different degrees of open, it's not a binary  

This case in point seems like being allowed to peer through a crack in the  
door and whisper through the keyhole rather than "come in and see if you  
can contribute".

How different projects operate is all part this great social experiment we  
call open source. The source is open in a well defined, legally meaningful  
way. The openess of the projects themselves seems more of a human  
psychology experiment. I'm sure the white mice are finding this facinating.

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