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> I dont think Nathan's analysis is that far "off the mark". The interaction  
> with the UI team is very one way and definately gives the impression of  
> "please go away , we're busy."
> The so called brainstorm blog is more like a super market's suggestion box  
> than a discussion.
> There is a definate attempt to keep "outsiders" at arms length and the  
> blog really just looks like it's there so any critisism of not being open  
> can be countered by saying "look we have the blog for ideas".

Well, I agree with the gist of your message... but one thing needs to be said:
Designing a good UI doesn't require the same amount of people that implementing
it in code does. I work in a small software house and our software is much more
complex than the Gimp. We have exactly 2.5 people [1] who do UI design. But we
have dozens of developers.

As for the UI blog, I think it's misleading: it is obvious, from the analysis
done by the UI team, that they don't really care about the proposed solutions.
This is just a way to find out what *problems* the users are trying to solve.
The UI team will come with its own solutions in the end. Like you, I'd like 
to see them before they are implemented... I myself sometime have UI ideas 
which I post here, but I never know if the UI team did not think of them 

[1]I'm the 0.5 - I'm mainly a graphic artist but occasionally help with the UI 

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