Sven Neumann wrote:
> So, what are your plans for 2.8?


Currently I am interested in polishing the user interface, namely

* Fixing GtkNotebook somehow so that we can save horizontal space for
dialogs by getting rid of their title and have the Dialog menu as a
rightclick on the tab

* Making the toolbox (and the rest of the interface?) color neutral [1],
probably through a color neutral theme

* Getting rid of the GimpDockSeparator's in docks and only show a
counterpart to them when a user is in the process of docking a Dialog.
This is IMO a prerequisite for:

* Supporting one-window layouts by allowing to dock the toolbox and
dialogs to image windows/the empty image window [1]

[1] in line with Peter's UI roadmap:

Now, by experience I know that interest and focus can vary in a
development cycle, but I think it would be really nice to fix the above
for 2.8.

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