> Sven wrote:
>> So, what are your plans for 2.8?
> we agreed at lgm on roadmapping:
> - geometry tool integration
> - layer groups
> and another one I can't remember >^}
I really like the brush dynamics feature in this.  Something I'd like to 
see in 2.8/2.10 or whatever if possible is a more advanced brush 
dynamics system, perhaps even moving it to  its own dialog.

1.  Include jitter in brush dynamics as an output.
2. For each input/pair pair, have an value slider.  With just one value 
slider for the entire input if I hook random up to color as well as size 
I can't have it affect the size a little and the color a lot, but with 
one per pair I could have random/color a small value and random/size a 
larger value.
3. For outputs that don't have an 'initial' setting (size/color/opacity 
do but for example jitter doesn't) have a slider for the specified 
output allowing setting an initial value.  So if random/jitter(initial) 
is set to 0.2 and random/jitter is set to 0.4 then jitter would be 
somewhere in 0.2-0.6

Additional inputs if not already there:

1. angle between two point samplings during a stroke
2. speed between two point samples during a stroke

Additional outputs

1. Brush hue

I know in the past there were some talks about some pretty interesting 

Brian Vanderburg II

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