On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 09:05:26AM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Moin,
> I just announced on gnome-i18n that we will be doing the 2.6.1 release
> in a few days, probably on Wednesday. There are a couple of bug-fixes in
> trunk that are worthwhile to release. After the release, I will
> immidiately create a gimp-2-6 branch for further maintainance. At that
> point trunk will become GIMP 2.7 and we can start to add new stuff.
> So now would be a good time to define some goals for GIMP 2.8. A few
> items are definitely on our list already:
>  - merge the successful GSoC projects
>  - attempt a port of the projection code (and perhaps more) to GEGL
>  - change tools to draw using the Cairo library
> All of these three items will require further changes before another
> stable release can be made. So that is quite a lot to do already, but we
> could probably add a few more items to this list if there are developers
> willing to work on them. So, what are your plans for 2.8?
> Sven

IMHO (my 0.00002 cents): for the future 2.8.0.

Perhaps using .rcX versions before going public as OpenOffice 
or other big teams do could save from the exit of a buggy first version...


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