So ..., I think a couple of things are not clear to me about gimp,
if plugins communicate with the core of gimp thought a pipe, I
should be able to create a plugin to do what i want, even 
call other plugins, but could that plugin be executed from outside
the core ?, even so it is necesary that gimp is running before
doing it ? are the core and gui strict releated, i mean are the same
thing? can the gui be down, and the core working ?
In other words, is it possible in any way to use gimp for 
automatic image processing/generating, because GEGL its very
promissing but gimp is fully charged with plugins and tools,
and It sould be very nice to use all that power for automatic 

On Sunday 14 December 2008 14:57:18 Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Pablo Yaggi wrote:
> > But I don't want to call it from a gimp plugin, I want to call it from
> >
> > inside a simple c program, is it possible ?
> >
> > I mean using libgimp outside Gimp, just linking to it, if it so
> >
> > I suppose I need to make some initialization and I should
> >
> > need to create some type of data object and so, any example ?
> >
> > Best Regards
> >
> > Pablo
> The GIMP plug-ins are not available as a statically linkable libraries
> (with perhaps some corner cases such as the libflame based plug-in).
> Keep in mind that plug-ins are separate executables/processes that
> communicate with the GIMP core through a pipe.
> Maybe you can find the filter you want in the GEGL framework which you
> can link statically/dynamically as any library and extend with your own
> operations.
> - Martin

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