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> Ok, I made it work, I just replaced newlayer for newimage in the
> gimp-edit-paste call and it worked.
> But pasting into the image should work, shouldn't ?, do I have
> to set up a current layer or something ?

There is no "paste-as-new-layer" function provided as such by the PDB  
interface (though there is a menu command for that) and so you must  
perform a couple of separate functions to achieve the same result.

You do not need to set up a current layer, but you need to perform a  
'gimp-floating-sel-to-layer' after your 'gimp-edit-paste'. This will  
result in a new layer at the top of the layerstack -- unlike the menu  
command, which places the new layer above the active layer -- and  
therefore it does not matter which layer (or drawable) is active at  
the time the paste is performed.

If you instead wish the resulting new layer to appear just above the  
current layer then you will need to make note of the current layer's  
position (using 'gimp-image-get-layer-position') and lower the pasted  
layer accordingly (using 'gimp-image-lower-layer' the appropriate  
number of times).

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